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Found Objects


Spontaneous, curious, thoughtful, ordinary, meaningful

Safety & Health Considerations

Source objects from safe and legal environments.

Accommodation Possibilities

Found objects can be provided if students are unable to gather their own.

Appropriate Age Group & Behavioral Expectations
  • K-5 students will be able to safely collect found objects. They will be able to arrange objects in a thoughtful way.

  • 6-12 students will be able to collect a variety of found objects. They will be able to experiment with multiple arrangements of a set of objects before photographing the final composition.

Artist Resource & Project Idea

El Anatsui is a sculptor who works with a variety of materials. Most recently, Anatsui has engaged in transforming discarded aluminum bottle caps to create large scale hanging installations that speak to the impact of colonial trade.

My project idea is inspired by Anatsui's work. Students will gather found recyclable material to create a found object sculpture. The art-making challenge for this project will be to transform the material in at least one way.

Studio Engagement

The following arrangement of found objects represents a juxtaposition of the intended function of objects, and their abstracted meaning in very early childhood. I was inspired to make these arrangements based on my collection of items around my home—namely the abundance of items that belong to or are used by my son in play.

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