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My teaching philosophy

An intrinsic desire to learn; an inherent trait I have carried with me my entire life. My passion for education stems from this defining trait. I am persistent, dedicated, and passionate about developing my practice as an artist and as an educator. My teaching philosophy is grounded in community, contemporary art, and creative technologies.

I have a passion for community-based collaborative projects and initiatives that encourage personal growth through the arts. One particularly memorable instance was my involvement in co-teaching a community arts class spanning eight weeks, catering to 16 individuals aged 12 to 18 from the local community. I helped facilitate the collaborative student effort to create an 8ft-by-8ft mixed media diptych. The feedback from our students, as indicated by their pre/post-surveys, underscored the significance of this experience; many found it profoundly transformative, expanding their perspectives on the potential of art and the identity of artists. Reflecting on this experience, I am inspired to continue pursuing similar initiatives that use art to bring people together, build community, and facilitate personal development—both in my students and in myself.

I prioritize inclusion by promoting contemporary artists with diverse perspectives. My teaching philosophy revolves around respecting my students as unique individuals, each navigating their own unique experiences. It's crucial to me that students have exposure to contemporary artists they can relate to. Multidisciplinary artists I have featured are El Anatsui, Kara Walker, Saif Senussi Azzuz, Wendy Red Star, Abdulrahman “Abi” Naanseh, Yang Hua Chun, Chris Torres, and many others.

I am an advocate for the implementation of creative technologies in the art classroom. This is a fundamental aspect of my own artistic background as a graphic designer, and a passion I enjoy sharing with my students. Technology in the classroom presents many challenges, however a flawed approach is one that ignores its significance in student’s lives. By promoting the use of technology for its creative potential, I create an environment that allows for the exploration of new media. Reframing everyday devices, such as cell phones or computers, as tools for creative expression has the potential to change the relationship that students have with the technology around them.

My teaching philosophy is ultimately rooted in a responsive approach to addressing the needs of our diverse student population—helping them navigate the world as it is today and finding support from the communities in which they live.

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